Freeniverse Project Inactive

Unfortunately I am unable to continue the project due to time constraints. It was a really hard decision, but I decided that, for me, branches need to be cut for the tree to flourish. The software for v0.3 (a major rewrite) allowed for expansions and would've been the first functional piece of software that would be able to run expansions which would make the game happen. The game is open for takeover, and I have all the original website content backed up in case someone would like to continue my idea.

Here is the original description that was on the website before it was taken down:

Freeniverse is a peaceful RPG online multi-player game, where a community of users are all living a virtual life in a virtual world with virtual jobs and virtual friends, and virtually anything else you can think of.
Freeniverse is a real-time game, because a turn-based game doesn't match Freeniverse's game-play. We also want Freniverse to be real-time, becaue Freeniverse is supposed to be as realistic as it can get (minus graphics and controls). Freeniverse is, of course, an online multi-player game that simulates this world, but in "semi-paradise" form. You get to do just about anything you want, as long as it helps, supports, or generally does not do anything that would "hurt" someone. In short, it's a community of users all working in a virtual world with virtual jobs and virtual friends.
The game is extremely expandable also. You can plug in any expansion you like, and enhance the fun! Is the expansion you desire not there? Why not make it? If you know how to program in Java, it's easy to make an expansion. Just read the "MakeAnExpansion.txt" file included with your download! With bug reporting that goes right to your e-mail if something happens on your users computer, documentation galore, and a place to post it when your done, this is one game that is easier and more fun to develop for to be sure!

Thanks for looking anyways, and I hope you find the game you desire!

-- Jacob